Less Plastic, More Lush
From solid shampoo bars to bath bombs and soaps, unpackaged is not new to Lush. But in a time when plastic pollution is a growing problem, it makes even more sense to branch out and push the boundaries a little further. Isn’t it time you joined the naked revolution?
History of Packaging

The need for packaging first arose from the need to contain, store, protect or transport items, often food. As soon as early man became nomadic hunter-gatherers about 11,000 to 12,000 years ago, constantly relocating in order to forage for mostly plant-based food, there was a need to collect, contain or carry any surplus of the fruits, vegetables, nuts, tubers or seeds needed to survive.

The same need for packaging exists today, although those items we want to store, protect and transport are considerably more numerous and diverse. Just about everything bought and sold in today’s consumer society is packaged – which gives rise to a huge amount of packaging.

A day in the life of a packaging free utopia…

It seems impossible to imagine now, but a world saturated by single use plastics is a relatively new concept. Looking to the past people used a variety of natural materials to packaging and transport goods, the norm was to refill containers when shopping, or use minimal packaging. Looking to our future we can learn a lot from our past shopping habits. What would a world look like with very little packaging, without single use plastics? It might not be as unattainable as you think!


The sun shines on my pillow as it rises lazily into the sky, waking me up refreshed for another day. I swing my feet from under the bedcover, and head to the bathroom. Dabbing my bamboo toothbrush into my glass pot of tooth powder, I brush my teeth whilst I contemplate the day ahead of me. Hopping into the shower, I lather up my bar of shampoo and enjoy the warm water and fresh lemony scent of the shampoo bar.


Breakfast is simple, oats soaked in fresh cashew miylk I made yesterday. I pop a few strawberries on top, they grow well on my balcony at this time of year. I make a mental note to purchase some more cinnamon and tea after work, and pop a couple of clean jars into my bag.


Arriving at work I park my bicycle at the side of the building. I love how energised I feel after a morning ride, and really appreciate the new self-locking bike stands, meaning I no longer have to carry a lock around with me. I head to the kitchen area in the office, and pop some tea leaves into an infuser -, peppermint tea is perfect first thing and my colleague brought this in herself, she’s been experimenting with drying the herbs she grows in her garden. It’s delicious.


Oh no! Somehow I’ve managed to break my laptop. Note to self : drinks and computers don’t mix! Luckily there’s a spare. I arrange to send mine off for repair and pack it into the reusable laptop box the courier arrives with. Better be more careful with this one.


Lunch time, and I’m having leftover chilli with a baked potato. Chilli is my go-to meal when I get to the end of the week and need to use up some veggies. I decant it from its jar onto a plate and warm it up before heading outside to enjoy it. It’s a beautiful day and the sun is shining. An ice cream truck stops by, and I decide to treat myself. I have a scoop of vanilla and strawberry, and hand back the little metal tub and spoon when I’m done.


I head to the shops on the way back from work. I fill my jars with tea and with cinnamon respectively, and head to the counter to weigh my goods and pay. I also pick up some apples and pop those straight into my saddle bags.


Dinner is simple, veggie pasta. The local supermarket has a few types of pasta available, and I like that I can scoop as much as I want into my produce bags, it keeps my cupboards well organised and I don’t waste anything. Vegetables are purchased with no packaging required and I refill my olive oil at the local market.


Time for bed! I make a cup of chamomile tea in my strainer, then settle into bed with a book I borrowed from the local library. Perfect!

Share your top tips and join the naked revolution today!

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