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Turning Point with Magid Magid (Mayor)

"I was in Zanzibar scuba-diving and I was like... listen Magid... UCAS deadline's approaching, what are you going to study... and you're going through the list, like, A... Accounting... B... Business. None of it interested me until I got to Z... Zoology and I thought, that will just do. Then I thought, I'll do Aquatic Zoology. I went to study in Hull, never been to Hull before, it was a complete gamble, but honestly, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life." Turning Point... the programme that asks the question... what was the one decision or conversation that changed your life forever? Today's guest is Lord Mayor of Sheffield... Magid Magid The interview was conducted at the Lush Showcase. For further information on Magid go to Twitter @magicmagid

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