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Quaywords | Marta Ammendola (Spa Therapist, Poole)

"Dance is my life but my life is not dance. By that, I mean that there is so much more to life that I want to experience as a human in this world that I'm choosing to dance in my own world in my own way." True stories told by Lush staff, ‘Quay Words’ aims to combine traditional storytelling with a ‘key word’ or phrase… that hugely significant ‘thing’ which propels a story with passion and purpose. Our stories might suggest a better future, describe a magnificent failure, inform an action, offer a reflection or inspire you to tell your own story. We all have irresistible stories to tell. *Why ‘Quay Words?’ Because the idea - and our first story - came to life in Lush’s Poole offices in Dolphin Quays.

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