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Lush Learning | Street Wisdom with David Pearl

"Firstly, if you do something unusual in a public space, very few people notice... you're actually much more invisible than you realise... that makes the street a very potent place for experimentation. Secondly, a lot of the fears I had about what I might look like... were my fears... so they're running around my head... a lot of social conventions we observe are imposed by us... and this was surfacing just simply from wandering around." David Pearl is an innovator, creator and curator working in business, the arts and social change. In 2012, he set up a non-profit venture called Street Wisdom; a global phenomenon, which transforms ordinary city streets into extraordinary learning zones. Lush's Andrew Paine met with David on the busy streets of Covent Garden, London, to learn how to tune into his environment and share his experiences in order to think more creatively and reflect on personal challenges.

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