The Lush Film Fund Policy


What is the Lush Film Fund?

Lush and filmmaking might not sound like two things that go hand in hand, but we've been making our own videos for over two decades, as well as supporting independent filmmakers and providing coverage to grassroots groups. We haven't always got it right, but we think we've uncovered some pretty interesting stories along the way. The Lush Film Fund is the next step on that journey for us, with the aim to support independent or sustainable filmmakers, we hope the £250,000 fund will help tell stories that may otherwise not get told.

The Lush Film Fund will offer full, partial, or completion funding to selected independently produced fiction and non-fiction films, with grants ranging up to a maximum of £100,000 per project.

The Film Fund will support filmmakers: whose ethics align with Lush’s; early stage filmmakers; and those who may otherwise struggle to get funding for their films.

Lush’s key areas of ethical concern are:

  • Animal Protection;
  • Environmental Preservation; and
  • Human Rights (incl. social justice, peace & equality).

Any films that fail to meet any or all of our ethical standards, for example by using animals in an exploitative manner, will not be considered for funding.

What do I need to apply?

You will need to prepare a pitch, including a presentation, treatment or trailer. Your application should be supported by any examples of past work, if applicable. There should also be evidence or proof of the project to ensure that the work will come to fruition if we do fund it.

Documents and details that should be included with your application include (but are not necessarily be limited to):

  • Detailed description of the project including presentation, treatment and/or trailer;
  • Portfolio of past work if applicable;
  • Amount of funding requested;
  • Full and detailed budget broken down on a line item basis to show where the requested funding will be allocated;
  • Workable production schedule;
  • Finance plan sufficient to meet the budget showing any and all sources of funding; and
  • If appropriate, details of whether different amounts of investment could assist the project to differing extents.

Lush reserves the right to request additional documents to support your application.

When can I apply?

Once you have read and acknowledged these guidelines, you can prepare your pitch and send it, along with all of your supporting documents, to

What happens when I apply?

Your application will be processed and checked for any missing information or additional details. It will then be submitted to a panel review which can take up to 3 months to complete.

If your application is not successful, you will be emailed and informed.

Unfortunately, given the volume of applications, it will not be possible to offer more than basic feedback on every rejected application. However, unless specified, a rejection does not prevent you from re-applying in the future – your film may have been rejected because funding was over-subscribed in a particular year and other projects have been prioritised.

If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to discuss your project with us in person.

Please note that funding decisions are at Lush’s absolute discretion. Funding will be conditional upon the filmmaker entering into a project funding agreement with Lush. Once the project funding agreement is signed it is expected that payment will be made within 7-10 days.

Lush Media Rights

Please note that a principal factor in deciding whether to offer funding will be the ability for Lush to secure the rights to broadcast/distribute the film via the Lush Player and other Lush channels. As such it is important for applicants to consider and disclose whether the involvement of any third parties in the project would preclude the filmmaker from being able to grant these rights.

It is envisaged that Lush shall be granted the right to exclusively stream the film across its media platforms (including but not limited to the Lush Player) for an agreed period. The agreed period will be determined by Lush dependant of the level of funding that is granted. Following the agreed exclusive period, you shall grant Lush a perpetual non-exclusive licence to stream the film across its media platforms indefinitely.

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