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Sounds From The Studio: Liam Ashley Clark


Introducing artist, Liam Ashley Clark, for our third Gorilla Guest Playlist

"Liam Ashley Clark works largely in painting, drawing and photography, as well as in collage, 3D and more. He also produces large scale murals, works as an illustrator and is a prolific zine maker.

His work takes influence from the D.I.Y. cultures and creators of skateboarding, punk, hip-hop and folk scenes and is inspired by a wide spectrum of interests including; politics, society, psychology, current events, youth culture and more.

Liam Ashley Clark's work has its roots in skateboarding, street art and folk art, but is also influenced by other contemporary practices, it commonly contains a combination of image and text, a large use of colour and pattern, and often has an injection of humour".

Music in the studio

"Andy Warhol believed that painting was just a good excuse to listen to music, and I kind of agree. Its great to just get in the studio, put something on and lose yourself in making work. I tend to use music to get hyped on making stuff. I also believe that whatever information you take in, it will somewhat influence your work. Most of the music I listen to is very much centred around lyrics, I think there is often a parallel between this folk-influenced story telling, often with political or social message, and my own work".

Liam's picks

The Hold Steady - 'Constructive Summer'
"Craig Finn’s my favourite songwriter, I can put on anything he’s done to hype me to make work, but recently it’s been the 10 year re-release of The Hold Steady’s Stay Positive".

P.O.S. - 'Drumroll'
"I like pretty much everything Rhymesayers ever put out since I discovered the label from listening to 'Atmosphere' on Tony Hawk games, but P.O.S. is probably my favourite from that label. I love everything he’s been involved with; Doomtree, Building Better Bombs, Four Fists, Shredders, Marijuana Deathsquads. Recently been listening to the album I discovered him through - Never Better, which also just got a 10 year re-release.

The Uncluded - 'Teleprompters'
"Like P.O.S., I love everything Aesop Rock has done, solo stuff, Lice, Hail Mary Mallon, Malibu Ken. I also love Kimya Dawson so The Uncluded’s album is a studio favourite. I chose this song because of the verse about Aesop’s Grandad drawing".

Cherry Glazerr - 'Wasted Nun'
"Cherry Glazerr just released a new album, as good as the previous two so been listening to that a lot recently".

Self Defense Family - 'Tithe Pig'
"Patrick Kindlon’s another favourite lyricist of mine. It was hard to decide between Drug Church and Self Defense Family, but I’ve been listening to some of their older stuff in the studio recently".

Single Mothers - 'Switch Off'
"Single Mothers stuff always gets me hyped, love Drew Thompson’s writing, he makes rad zines and prints too".

Sleaford Mods - 'Tied Up In Nottz'
"Sleaford Mods have been the best UK band for the last few years".

Idles - 'Never Fight A Man Is A Perm'
"Got really into this Idles record recently, so just had to chuck it on the end".

For more information on Liam's work, head to his website: www.liamashleyclark.com

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