Showcase 2018 Highlights


Sunday 23rd

Mark Constantine talks about the Secret Lush Cosmetics Masterplan

Main Stage

10:45 - 11:15

Whatever the event, when Mark takes to the stage his ramblings are almost as legendary as his colourful shirts. He’s famous for never sticking to a script - let alone a time slot. But this time it’s different. This time it’s personal. This time he has a plan. The Secret Lush Cosmetics Master Plan to be specific. Join him as he discusses his three-point plan to take over the world, one naked, solid product at a time, and how each and every Lush staff member can make it happen. Revolutionary, ramble-free but just as entertaining.*

*Events organisers regret that they cannot take responsibility for unauthorised rambles.

Transparency in Beauty and Ethical Consumption

Main Stage


Being ethical is cool. Brands are determined to show how ‘ethical’ they are, but what’s behind the PR stunts? An innovative panel looking further than the ethics trend at what ethical business means in 2018. Hosted by Gal-Dem’s Niellah Arboine, the panelists will cover issues including animal testing, veganism, supply chains, packaging and inclusivity.

Ending Animal Testing

Think Tank

12:30 - 13:30

The Lush Prize is a major initiative aiming to bring forward the day when safety testing takes place without the use of animals. The focus of the prize is to put pressure on corporations’ who toxicity test on animals for consumer products and ingredients. Join previous winners of the Lush Prize, along with a member of the Lush Prize management committee, and be part of a conversation about the wealth of testing options available to us today and the value of the Lush Prize project.

Think Tank: What is beauty in the age of Instagram?

Think Tank

14:00 - 15:00

Social media. It gets the blame for everything, including our increasing obsession with perfection; the perfect life, the perfect clothes, the perfect face. But our relationship with beauty goes back far further than our Instagram feeds - think movie stars, Barbie dolls, royalty and goddesses. In this frank Think Tank, we give you the opportunity to examine our relationship with beauty. What is it? Does it exist? How do we redefine it? And can social media be a tool to help us on our way? Join Umber Ghauri , Kelechi Okafor, and Jay Fletcher as they help facilitate a group discussion on how we can reclaim ‘beauty’ for everyone.

Lush Book Club Presents: James Atherton in conversation with Looby Macnamara

Lush Presents stage


Looby Macnamara is a permaculture teacher, designer, and author of 7 Ways to Think Differently and People & Permaculture. Join Looby as she chats to James Atherton about how we can use permaculture to enhance all aspects of our lives, as well as her new book Activating Cultural Emergence.

Lush Presents... Dear John: The Road to Pelindaba

Main Stage

15:00 - 15:45

It’s a story of friendships forged, perfume made, and the past uncovered, and, on the 23rd September 2018, you can hear the inside story on Dear John: The Road To Pelindaba for the first time. Join Charlie Moores in a special edition of #LushBookclub as he interviews lifelong friends Mark Constantine and Jeff Osment on growing up together, working together and the lengths Jeff went to to reunite Mark with the family he never knew he had. With an exclusive book signing, it’s your opportunity to get the inside story of the early losses that influenced Mark Constantine’s life and career, and would go on to ultimately shape the rise of Lush itself.

Mark Thomas in Conversation with Magid Magid

Main Stage

16:00 - 16:45

Comedian and political satirist Mark Thomas will interview newly appointed Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid. Delving into his journey to politics, making change and getting creative with ways to engage and be inclusive.

Springing into Action

Main Stage


The Spring Prize is an annual prize from Lush and Ethical Consumer that supports groups and projects working towards environmental and social regeneration. Join Spring Prize judge Precious Phiri and previous prizewinners for an in-depth discussion of what regeneration means in today’s climate, and learn more about why the Spring Prize is such a radically important fund right now.
Prizewinners: Kareem Hassan, Janet Maro, Alize Andrea Toro Ortuno, Guilherme Fernandes da Silva, Steve Charter and Fassil Gebeyehu.

Why Freedom of Movement Matters More Now Than Ever and What That Means

Main Stage

18:00 - 18:45

Join Favianna Rodriguez as she talks to immigration reps from the US and the EU on the importance of free movement across our borders, and what it means for society.

Monday 24th

Rowena Bird talks about the Secret Lush Cosmetics Masterplan

Main Stage


Ro’s here to chat secrets - The Secret Lush Cosmetics Masterplan, that is. We can’t tell you what colour her hair will be, or how glam her outfit, but we can confirm she’ll be sharing her vision for the Lush masterplan, and how we can all work together across the business to achieve great things for the stores and especially for the customer!

"Alexa, Where have all the women gone?"

11:00 - 11:30

Lush Presents Stage

There is currently a higher percentage of women in the antiquated House of Lords, than there are registered female owners of emerging tech companies in the UK. Join Catherine Allen, and guests as they discuss how and why we are falling short when it comes to gender representation in the tech industry, and how we can encourage more women into the tech field.

Aisha Fukushima - Free Yo Mind!

Main Stage

11:15- 11:45

In this performance lecture, Aisha Fukushima inspires audience members to speak up for social justice and explore their own liberatory practices in a way that is accessible, entertaining and transformative for audiences of all backgrounds. Through this multimedia experience Aisha inspires audiences to critically engage with the roles of power and oppression at play in our everyday lives. Speaking from her own experiences as a global cultural activist and organiser, Aisha also turns the mic to audience members encouraging them to recognise their own power as agents of change in their respective communities.

The Secret Plan

Think Tank

11:45 - 12:30

Mark Constantine, co-founder of Lush has recently revealed The Secret Cosmetics master Plan. As a business Lush is aiming to make products for every need. Lush is setting the bar high with a goal to be number one in every product category, and to ultimately create a cosmetics revolution (save the planet). So what does it all mean? and how can you play a part in the plan? Join the Think Tank discussion to have your questions answered.

The influence of the artist: The personal and the political

Lush Presents Stage

13:45 - 14:15

Accessing our inner creativity is becoming increasingly difficult as the world continues to be dominated by negative messaging, social media mania, and tech overload. Now, more than ever before, we are in need of alternative creative inspiration. Join artists Aisha Fukushima, Bethany Slinn, and Liv Wynter as they share how they use visuals, sounds, and music to navigate a way through the noise and help us return to what’s important. Hosted by Lush's Olivia Graham.

Harajuku Creative Play

Art of Bathing, Content Creation

15:00 - 15:15

Just like all art, #bathart is about more than aesthetics. Beneath the bubbles, there’s a whole world of passions, ethics, inspiration and meaning to explore. Come on in and join us as we make bath masterpieces like never before.

Flowers and local : Air miles, packaging and the industry

Fresh Talks


Are cut flowers ever really ethical? We think so! Introducing Lush flowers, seasonal, local, traceable and responsibly packaged - a fresh innovation!

Lush Book Club Presents: Richie Brave in conversation with Reni Eddo-Lodge

Main Stage


In 2014 Reni Eddo-Lodge wrote about her frustration with the way that discussions of race and racism in Britain were being led by those who weren't affected by it. She posted a piece on her blog, entitled: 'Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race'.
Her words hit a nerve. The post went viral and comments flooded in from others desperate to speak up about their own experiences. Galvanised by this clear hunger for open discussion, she decided to dig into the source of these feelings. Exploring issues from eradicated black history to the political purpose of white dominance, whitewashed feminism to the inextricable link between class and race, Reni Eddo-Lodge offers a timely and essential new framework for how to see, acknowledge and counter racism. Join Richie Brave as he chats to Reni about the book, its impact and the future.

Installations & Spaces


However you like your hair to look and feel, here in the Hair Lab we’re hair for you. Enjoy live demos packed full of tips and tricks, as well as a chance to see and try exclusive new products and treatments. Whatever your haircare dreams are made of, you'll find it here.

Skincare & Fresh

Looking to level-up your skincare routine? This bespoke skincare sanctuary has all you need. Whether it’s a skincare consultation, some styling tips and tricks, a Fresh Facial, or the chance to get hands on with your favourite products, if you love skincare, you’ll never want to leave.

Make Up

Makeup is a medium for self expression, whoever and wherever you are. But what happens behind and beyond the selfie? Discover the stories and creative processes behind the latest Lush Makeup innovations, have your say on future releases, and find your next game-changing product in one to one consultations. Is that all? We couldn’t possibly say. Watch this space.

Lush Giving & Regeneration

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Lush Giving, now’s your chance. To help create a world that works for every being, Lush counts on the generosity of customers, founders and staff to fund grassroots groups that are actively trying to stop violence against people, the environment and animals, as well as those who are developing innovative and regenerative alternatives in their areas. Join us as we celebrate the projects we have funded in the past, the diversity and reach of our global giving and the evolution of some of our funds. Learn more about Re:Fund, the next stage of Slush and the Flight Tax that replaces Carbon Tax. Take a deeper dive into the three areas that Re:Fund spans: Displacement & Disaster, Permaculture & Agroecology, Rewilding & Biodiversity. Need a break? The Spring Prize Lounge is here to offer you a little rest and regeneration.

Lush Spring Prize 2019

Applications are open for groups working in areas of environmental and social regeneration to win a share of £200,000. Attendees are invited to share this information and spread the word! In the Spring Prize ‘walkthrough’ , attendees will experience an immersive journey, following stories and information about Spring Prize winners through the ‘Regenerative Continuum’. Attendees will come out of the experience understanding the core messages of the Spring Prize and examples of what groups are funded. Attendees will understand the importance of moving beyond ‘sustainable’ toward environmental and social regeneration, and they will get a sense of how issues of environmental and social degradation are inextricably interlinked and intersecting. What the world needs is complete and holistic regeneration. Attendees will be able to see beyond ‘greenwashing’ and ‘whitewashing’, they will be encouraged to challenge their colonial mentalities, and look toward real, holistic actions and mindset changes. Attendees will be inspired to apply to be one of the Spring Prize customer and staff judges.

Handmade by You

What’s better than fresh, handmade cosmetics? Fresh, handmade cosmetics made by you! Discover the magic that goes into each and every Lush product, and learn more about new releases from the inventors themselves in exclusive Lush Kitchen shows.

The Art of Bathing

Just like all art, #bathart is about more than aesthetics. Beneath the bubbles, there’s a whole world of passions, ethics, inspiration and meaning to explore. Come on in and join us as we make bath masterpieces like never before.

Fun House

Welcome to the house of fun. If your #BathArt rivals Picasso, and you dream in 4D, then the Fun House is the place to be. An experiential adventure playground that’ll ignite your senses, head here for an immersion in extraordinary. We guarantee you aren’t ready for this jelly…

#Lushmood Space

How do you want to feel today? No, really! Head to the Lush Mood Space and be immersed in a multi-sensory dreamscape that’ll give you the time and space to transform your state of mind. Choose from four states of mind to gain what you really need when you really need it.

Road to Pelindaba

The Lush Showcase marks the launch of Lush co founder Mark Constantine’s biography, written by his lifelong friend Jeff Osment. This immersive installation lets you jump straight into the pages of the book, as well as the giving you the opportunity to explore how Jeff researched and wrote Dear John: The Road to Pelindaba.

Digital Ethics

Is our addiction to technology causing global destruction? As an increasingly digital society it is vital that we acknowledge the sociological and environmental issues that are fuelled by the unnecessary – yet seemingly unavoidable – upgrade cycle of smartphones.
The Digital Ethics space will seek to educate our audience on the smartphone industry’s multiple malpractices, whilst highlighting the individuals and organisations fighting for a fairer future.

ProVeg - Appetite for a Better World

Plant-based diets are more popular than ever, but there’s a number of reasons people are choosing to ditch meat and dairy. Eating a vegan diet can reduce your food-based carbon footprint by up to 50%.Explore the environmental impact opting for a plant-based diet can have, and learn more about the connection between our food habits and climate change from awareness-raising organisation ProVeg. ProVeg is the leading international food awareness organisation working across four continents. Their mission is to reduce the global consumption of animals by 50% by the year 2040.

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