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#LushLabs launch Vegan Protein Shampoos


Lush release their latest innovation through #LushLabs: A series of four Vegan Protein Shampoos each with different benefits.

The secret ingredient? Aquafaba - very elegant name for chickpea water, a dense liquid that shares a lot of properties with egg white and therefore can be used as an alternative in cooking and cosmetics. Great to thicken a blend and to get a good emulsion in a product, aquafaba will also protect and strengthen fine hair.

The Black Stuff Vegan Protein Shampoo

The Black Stuff

£15.00 / 100g

If your locks are lacking some lustre, lather up with this vegan protein shampoo to get your bounce back. It's a lovely day for a pint of stout to keep hair shiny. Protein-rich aquafaba helps to strengthen hair from root to tip while a generous helping of molasses, known for attracting moisture to hair and skin, intensely softens. Heady jasmine and uplifting orange flower absolutes will have you stepping from the shower with a spring in your step. Lather directly onto wet hair and work through, rinsing away thoroughly before conditioning as usual.

Fix Vegan Protein Shampoo


£15.00 / 100g

Welcome to the school of soft locks. For those who like to walk on the lighter side of life, lather up with this chamomile and marigold shampoo to keep your bottled blonde bright, not brassy. Extra virgin olive oil, paired with protein-rich aquafaba, help to increase the tensile strength of the hair, making it less prone to breakage. Organic jojoba oil, well known for having a close affinity to the natural oils in our hair, intensely moisturises while fresh organic lemon juice gives hair a glorious shine as it encourages the hair cuticle to lay flat and reflect more light. Lather directly onto wet hair and work through, rinsing away thoroughly before conditioning as usual.

Café Vegan Protein Shampoo


£15.00 / 100g

Fancy a caffeine infused 'do to go? Lather up with a double shot of plant-based power to stimulate the scalp and condition your hair. If you like your hair thick and strong, like your coffee, this protein-rich aquafaba shampoo, is for you. Packed full of fresh mint and menthol crystals to help reduce hair loss and cleanse the scalp, lather directly into wet hair and rinse away thoroughly before conditioning as usual. Absorbent lycopodium powder helps remove excess oil from the scalp and caffeine powder encourages healthy hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles.

Silica Vegan Protein Shampoo


£15.00 / 100g

Whether you're pink, blue, or rainbow-hued, keep your hair bright and looking as fresh as the day you dyed it. A gentle lather with this refreshing spearmint oil and thyme absolute shampoo is all you need to keep colour in mint condition. Protein-rich aquafaba with silken tofu adds softness and strength to the hair helping to prevent breakage. A more conditioning wash thanks to a combination of horsetail herb and linseed oil and extract which brings slip as well as boosting the tensile strength of the hair. Cold pressed raspberry seed oil helps to protect hair, ensuring your colour doesn't fade in the sun and sticks around for as long as possible.

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