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Lush looks to the future of cosmetics with #LushLabs


A new hashtag conversation, #LushLabs will showcase innovation and creativity fresh from the lab

Brand new and exclusive launches supported with online conversation through #LushLabs encouraging open feedback from Lush customers whilst showcasing the work of Lush product inventors and Lush’s in-house Tech R&D team

Introducing ideas that push the boundaries of cosmetics, digital and retail, #LushLabs will invite Lush communities into the research and development process of brand new, never been seen before products, shops and digital initiatives. Lush fans are able access, buy and offer feedback on innovative #LushLabs exclusives. All feedback will be taken on-board and used to ensure that everything - from the products to the way Lush talk about them - is fresh and ahead of the game.


All products will be selected by Lush product inventors and made fresh by hand in small batches using only the best ingredients - once they’re gone they are gone! Every product will be fully safety tested before being released, offering customers the very first chance to try new innovations. Cosmetic launches will happen on the 29th of each month. Why? 29 High Street (Poole) is the original R&D lab where the Lush Co-founders came up with the first ever Lush inventions. 


The Lush Labs App is a brand new digital initiative releasing exclusive R&D innovations from the technology labs of Lush Digital. Backed by their ethical approach to tech, Lush’s in-house R&D team (Tech Warriors) are experimenting with everything from Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence and are excited to release a selection of work-in-progress experiments through the App and invite the public into their development process to tell them what they think.


Lush’s new Bath Bomb concept shop in Harajuku, Tokyo recently opened as part of the #LushLabs platform. Customers have been invited into the R&D process once again, only this time to feedback on the retail experience as a whole, rather than just the product. Each comment, reaction and critique sent back will help shape the future of the shop and each area of innovation launching within it.

“The Lush Labs is an opportunity for myself, and the rest of the inventors at Lush, to flex our imaginations and show off exactly what is possible. Whenever you pick up a product from the Lush Labs, you’ll do so in the knowledge that you will be among the first to try out a fresh invention. With every comment, reaction and critique you send back to us, that product’s future will change. Some will hit the big time and go on to be featured on the shop shelves of your local Lush; some will be confined to the annals of Lush history. The ones that make the grade will be better for having been shaped by individuals (that includes you by the way), not an industry.” Jack Constantine, Lush CDO
“With your help, joining and sharing in the conversations, we can redefine what "normal" means for cosmetics and shake the sameyness out of our bathroom shelves.”Jack Constantine, Lush CDO

To keep an eye on all the action follow #LushLabs via social and watch out for Lush Labs exclusive products on the Lush website.

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Can not wait to see these products out there in the wild! Big step for lush