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Lush Lens prototype launches in first Naked shop in Milan...


Introducing the Lush Lens app: the latest digital innovation designed to help our customers go packaging-free with ease.

Developed by Lush Digital's new in-house R&D team, Tech Warriors and powered by Tensorflow from Google, Lush Lens uses AI and product recognition to eliminate the need for packaging - simply scan a naked Lush product with your smartphone to get all the product and ingredients information you need in a fun and environmentally-conscious way.

With this prototype mobile app we've put new technologies (A.I) to a good use in our mission to eliminate more packaging and further educate our customers on our unique cosmetics.Adam Goswell, Technology R&D

Running exclusively on Fairphone...

Currently on trial in the Lush Milan Naked shop where customers have access to four Fairphone devices, Lush hopes to roll out the technology to global customers in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for the app download.

Technology doesn’t have to be unethical. We believe tech can be built for the greater good and impact positive social change. Jack Constantine, CDO

And there are no plans to stop there, as part of Lush Digital's tech for good vision, Lush have purchased ten Fairphone devices for staff and the in-house tech team are also joining Fairphone's supply chain on ethical sourcing to produce a tablet for future use.

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Lush Digital

Lush is more than just a cosmetics company, it leads the ethical fight across numerous fronts. Just like its approach to sourcing ingredients and testing products, Lush believes in continuously challenging norms and driving best practice when it comes to business ethics. One of those key principles is the ethical use of data and technology - and there are three aspects to this.

Lush embraces open-source technologies in everything it designs, builds and releases, this means it is made available for use or modification by other users and developers.

The second is the ethical sourcing of hardware, meaning Lush uses conflict free material, as well as renewable and sustainable energy.

It also believes in the ethical use of data, so all the information Lush has is secure and used in a transparent way.

Lush’s part in fighting against unethical digital practices is not an anomaly. The company is increasingly part of the tech community, providing open source solutions where before only monopolies existed. This is in line with a company ethos that aims to give more than it takes, act transparently, push innovation and raise industry standards.