Lush Lens - we need your help! (Android users only!)


What is it?
We’ve been working on a new feature for our Apps that uses powerful technologies like Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence to recognise Lush products, just by using your phone’s camera!

Why is this important?
Customers or staff could quickly identify a product without the need for conventional packaging or labels, this means great benefits for training as well as letting customers quickly access information about products.

It also means we could remove more packaging and supply product information via ‘digital’ packaging, reducing the environmental impact. We prototyped Lush Lens in Milan’s Naked Shop: you can read here what Forbes magazine had to say about it.

How can I help?
We need to ‘train’ Lush Lens on how to recognise our products, and this means ‘feeding’ it as many images of each product as we possibly can. This is why we’ve created the Lush Lens Feeder App (it’s just for Android users right now).

All you need to do is download the app (click here to download it, or search for "Lush Lens Feeder") and then take photos of naked products ONLY. We’ve put some tips together on the type of images we need you to take.

All your help is massively appreciated to make this feature genuinely useful for all!

Any questions or need some assistance?
Talk to us on the #lens-support channel on Slack

Happy snapping :)

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