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Lush Launch Naked and Vegan Skincare

  • Available in UK&I shops and from Friday 7th December 2018
  • Available in Europe shops and online from Friday 18th January 2019 to celebrate the opening of Lush's first 'Naked' shop in the UK.
  • The new range features plastic packaging-free facial oils, facial cleansers and an eye mask
  • Bursting with nourishing ingredients, Lush's naked skincare innovations are benefit-led and full of creativity.

Naked skincare products have been introduced to the all year round range in select Lush stores and online!  Once sold exclusively in the Naked concept stores in Milan and Berlin and through #lushlabs for a limited time only - they've been introduced permanently due to their popularity.

Available now in Lush Oxford Street, Lush Birmingham and, and in shops and online across Europe from 18th January 2019, the new range is bursting with innovation and nourishing vegan ingredients.  Featuring plastic packaging-free facial oils, cleansing balms and an eye mask - this collection is the next step in Lush's journey to remove single use plastics.

Going naked is not new to Lush. But, in a time when plastic pollution is a growing problem, it makes even more sense to push the boundaries a little further.

Isn’t it time you joined the naked revolution?

Amazon Primer facial oil £9.95

Hailing from the tropical jungle of the Amazon, softening cupuaçu butter, moisturising murumuru butter and calming andiroba oil deliver intense moisture to your face. Arrowroot powder keeps skin matte and smooth, a perfect primer for applying before makeup and ensuring your artistic endeavours stay put all day. Get your Amazonian glow on and be the queen of the jungle. Sweep over the skin and gently rub in, or warm between your fingers and massage over the face. The natural green pigment of protective chlorophyllin helps neutralise flushed cheeks, while lemongrass and electric daisies tighten and tone for a bright, clear complexion. A sweet and woody tonka, rosewood and orange perfume, made with oils from Brazil, offers that extra bit of luxury your primer’s been missing.

Electric Daisies are tingling, have anaesthetic properties and are commonly used to ease toothaches. The compound responsible for these effects in the mouth is also responsible for relaxing the muscles of the face and therefore reducing the appearance of wrinkles when applied on the skinAlcoholic Tincture of Electric Daisies

Banana Skin facial oil £9.95

Sublimely soft skin starts with creamy fresh banana, soothing oatmeal, and hydrating mango butter, plus a little bit of tapioca flour for a silky smooth feel. Sweep this beautifully buttery bar over the face or work between your fingers and massage in. Ideal for thirsty skin that needs quenching, the rich and fibrous bananas combine with creamy murumuru and organic illipe butter for a dose of moisture that’s beautifully gentle.. The sweet banana scent is enhanced with the custardy vanilla comfort of tonka so you can pamper mind and skin in one go.

Created in-house to re-use the fresh bananas waste in Lush manufacturing, banana peel tincture gives products the aroma of the beloved fruit while toning and clearing the skin.Banana Peel Tincture

Argan facial oil £9.95

Sail away on softening tides of Fair Trade organic cocoa and shea butter. Your quest for great skin ends here as argan oil richly moisturises and rejuvenates skin while lemon oil brightens and leaves you glowing. Prickly pear oil, extremely high in Vitamin E, helps to even skin tone while soothing and moisturising deeply. For skin as soft as fleece, revel in this facial oil brimming with rose absolute and rose oil sourced from Senir, Turkey. With rich shea butter from the Ojoba Women’s Collective in Ghana and precious argan oil expertly harvested by community co-operatives in Morocco, each application softens, hydrates and feels deliciously indulgent to apply. Glide over your skin and gently rub in, or warm between your fingers and apply for a dose of Turkish rose-scented moisture.

Light Touch facial oil £9.95

This solid bar is just the thing for promoting a clear, balanced complexion. It cleverly incorporates a toner with the benefits of clarifying witch hazel and refreshing, mineral-rich Irish moss infusion and blue spirulina: microalgae rich in antioxidants to protect your skin from environmental damage. Glide over your skin and gently rub in, or warm between your fingers and apply. Jojoba and meadowfoam oils (which are similar to natural sebum produced by the skin) ensure the rejuvenating oils are quickly absorbed, so your skin feels fresh and smooth with each sweep. With a fruity and floral fragrance composed of essential oils from Kenya, including geranium and chamomile blue, every ingredient in this handy bar has been handpicked to calm, soothe and refresh your skin – right down to the perfume.

Like a Virgin cold cream £4.95

Get back to basics with this pure and simple naked cold cream – one of the most traditional forms of cleanser and still considered by many to be the best. This modern-day version has a few twists, combining the best of the old formulation with the new. It began with a good look at the formula for Ultrabland and replacing beeswax with organic extra virgin olive oil, organic jojoba oil and sunflower and candelilla waxes for all of the quenching and cleansing qualities of the original. Secondly, we’ve done away with the usual water component to make a solid bar. Finally, for an extra boost, there’s the addition of refreshing lemon essential oil, commonly used in the Mediterranean as a skin cleanser and much loved for its brightening, toning qualities. Glide it on, massage in, and wipe clean with a damp face cloth for a gentle but thorough cleanse. You won't know how lost you were until you found this! After it's given you all its love, it feels like you're touching your face for the very first time!

Mortal Kombu under eye mask £1.50

Forget teabags and cucumber – look to the kelp forests of the ocean to treat your eyes to quick rejuvenation. This innovative under-eye mask is cut from mineral-rich kombu seaweed, sourced from Japan, by a harvester who takes part in numerous marine conservation projects and infused with antioxidant-packed green tea to protect and rejuvenate the delicate skin around your eyes. An extra dose of soothing witch hazel (packed with natural chemicals called tannins that calm inflammation) makes this gentle mask extremely easy on the eyes.

To get the best out of your eye mask, soak in warm water for a few minutes to allow the seaweed to thicken, then separate along the perforation into two halves, which fit neatly below the eyes. Unlike some masks, these provide the handy option of keeping eyes open or closed, so you can kick back and relax or soothe your eyes on the go. Leave on for around 10 minutes then remove and massage in the seaweed gel left behind.

Kombu seaweed (also known as kelp) is bought in large, dry sheets, that can be cut in all sorts of shapes and become slippery and jelly-like when soaked in warm water. Full of minerals and vitamins, the seaweed is toning, soothing and cleansing the skin.Kombu seaweed

Sleepy Face cleanser £4.95

Treat yourself to a sublimely relaxing cleanse before bed with this dreamy bar of natural butters and oils to calm the skin down and soothe the mind. A softening blend of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, balancing jojoba oil and gentle almond oil meets fragrant and reparative French lavender for the perfect pre-bed pamper. Pillow-soft skin is just a glide of gentle oat milk and almond oil away; simply apply straight to the skin, massage in and wipe clean with damp cotton wool or a face cloth.

Tea Totaler cleanser £4.95

Keep skin clear, calm and balanced with this blend of hardworking oils including castor oil, which works with the skin’s natural oil production to keep your complexion happy and healthy. Add a host of helpful herbal antibacterials, including tea tree, sage and rosemary and you’re all set for clear, contented skin. Melt between the fingers before massaging over the skin or simply glide the bar over the face, then wipe away with a damp face cloth. As a bonus, adding water activates a toning phase composed of witch hazel, spring water, and hand-harvested sea salt to clarify and lightly hydrate.

Gritty Politti cleanser £4.95

Get down to the nitty-gritty with this superbly scrubby and hydrating blend of ground coconut shells, coconut oil and kokum butter. The latter forms a beautifully soft and creamy slip on the skin, creating an emollient cleansing oil that keeps your skin supple and your pores clear. You don’t have to remember the British band that inspired the name to reap the rewards of this solid, scrubby cleanser; simply apply straight to the skin or melt between the fingers, massage in for added exfoliation, and wipe clean with a damp face cloth. As a bonus, the natural fragrance incorporates the antibacterial benefits of rosewood oil and soothing sandalwood.

Jade Roller cleanser £4.95

This naked cleansing balm works hard so you don’t have to. Cleanse, tone and massage in one with this skin-clarifying multitasker, embedded with mung beans on one side so you can make circulation-boosting massage part of your daily routine. A base of absorbent marula oil, a traditional South African cleanser renowned for its elasticity-boosting effects on the skin, combines with astringent hazelnut oil and stimulating peppermint to leave your skin feeling soft and tingly fresh. Simply apply straight to the skin or melt between the fingers first, massage in and wipe clean with a damp face cloth. As you wipe away, water activates the chamomile vinegar and rose water toning phase, which tightens the pores and soothes flushed skin, leaving your complexion bright and balanced.

For information on Lush's global Naked Skincare campaign and the Manchester Naked shop, please click here.

For any further information please contact or call on 0207 434 3948

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