Lush Life

Lush Book Club Presents: Ashlee Piper


Ashlee Piper is an 'eco-lifestyle expert.' She is also a brand strategist for some of the world’s most ethical companies including LUSH, Airbnb, and Kia Motors.

"The time for stepping up and protecting our planet is now. And this book is an easy, enjoyable place to start."Ashlee Piper

Ashlee's main aim is to find and communicate the latest and greatest in the realm of sustainable living. From cruelty-free beauty products to vegan cuisine to eco-friendly fashion and beyond.

Being a judgey-judgerson never inspired anyone to make positive changes, and I pride myself in showing folks that being eco-friendly doesn't mean sacrificing style, fun, or polish.Ashlee Piper

At Lush Showcase, September 23rd & 24th, Ashlee will be talking about her book "Give A Sh*t, Do Good. Live Better. Save The Planet." Join her for an exploration of the themes in her critically acclaimed practical handbook for living a greener, cleaner life.